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May 1, 2008

Aegis launches Vizeum in Romania with acquisition of local media company

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Marketing communications group Aegis announces that it acquired Tempo Media in Romania and waiting local regulatory approval. Tempo Media was originally established as the media division of the Romanian full service agency Tempo Advertising, one of the leading independent full service advertising agencies, controlled by Dragos Grigoriu. Tempo Media has gross assets of €1.3m and in its portfolio has a mix of international clients such as URBB [Tuborg, Carlsberg, Skol, Orangina, Granini], Cetelem [BNP Paribas], Boom DTH and local such Alka, Nutline, Baneasa Investments and Kiwi Finance. Tempo Media will be integrated into Aegis Media, rebranding as Vizeum. Aegis is also present in Romania with another media agency Carat and research company, Synovate. Acording to (more…)


April 2, 2008

EUR 35 million for Champions League TV rights in Romania

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The Romanian Public Television has won the auction for the rights of transmitting in Romania the first option of the Champions League [tuesday & wednesday] football games exclusively and also the summery of all the football games. TVR will, as well, transmit the semifinals and the final. The public television pays EUR 35 million for a period of three years, including the seasons 2009-2010, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 and  the winner was announced on Monday 31st March, by TEAMM, UEFA’s representative.

The Romanian Public Televison owns the rights of Europe’s Supercup, a competition between the winner of Champions League and the winner of UEFA Cup. DTH Boom TV won the second option, having the rights of transmitting the games that are not included in TVR’s platform, the replays and the summaries of the football games. TVR is re-engaged in the transmitting of Champions League after 9 years (1992-1999), during which Pro TV [CME] has transmitted the games.

The public television owns the rights of transmitting some important sport competitions at (more…)

April 1, 2008

85 millions euro for broadcasting rights of romanian First League matches

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Consortium of romanian broadcaster Intact and communications company RCS RDS will pay 85 millions euro [+ VAT 19%] for the next tree years broadcasting rights of Romania’s First League football matches [seasons 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010-2011], in a public auction organized Monday by Football League Association [Liga Profesionista de Fotbal / LPF]

Final price: 85 millions euro + VAT [102 millions] >> 28,3 millions euro per season +TVA
Starting price: 54 millions euro+ TVA [64,2 millions] >> 18 millions euro per season +TVA
Variation: + 57% from starting price.

Intact, which controls commercial TV channel Antena 1, received a license for a sports channel earlier this year [Arenna TV] and RCS-RDS has a DTH platform [Digi TV] with 600,000 subscribers. Intact [Antena 1] won in front of (more…)

October 24, 2007

ringier takes over czech newspaper Aha!

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One more movement after the one in Serbia from ringier who buys also the czech daily newspaper Aha! from Ebika and in the same time the whole editorial team, consolidating its position as leader on the dailies market in the country. Ringier also owns the most successfully sold daily in Czech Republic, Blesk, which has a sales average of 444,000 copies and an audience of 1,548,000 readers (2006) and the sports daily Sport with sales of 67,000 and audience of 297,000 readers (source: wan/world press trends). Aha was launched in October 2004 and has recorded average sales of 140,022 copies per edition in august 2007, due to a circulation of 211,477 and an audience of 347,000 readers.


October 12, 2007

Ringier Romania is selling its daily sports newspaper

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The transaction through which the president of Media Pro Group will regain the daily sports newspaper Pro Sport, is awaiting for the Competition Council approval, writes one of the romanian financial newspaper, Business Standard. The transaction value is worth EUR 8,3 million with VAT included. Although at the time of Pro Sport’s selling [2002], its first owner, Sarbu signed a contract which stipulated that he didn’t have the right to launch or to buy, for 5 years, any other daily newspaper, interdiction that had as deadline, February 2008, it can be violated thanks to the fact that the transaction involves the same companies, Media Pro and Ringier. The transaction takes places at 5 years since Sarbu has sold the same newspaper to the Ringier Romania for 6,5 million $, without VAT (7,7 million $ with VAT included// 8,1 million euros)

Adrian Sarbu, the MediaPro’s boss has studied the possibility of launching or buying a sports newspaper even since march, this year, but the opportunity became real when Central European Media Enterprises (CME) took over the television channel A positive fact of this transaction is that it will make easier the access of Media Pro to the copyrights of the national football team games, starting 2008.

According to certain sources in the publishing industry, 2007 is the first year when ProSport doesn’t have any financial losses, the incomes from advertising space in 2007 being exceeded by 30%. The daily newspaper will be purchased by Sarbu through his company, Publimedia, which is owned by him integrally, whithout the American partner CME who is the main shareholder in other companies run by Sarbu on the audio-video segment.

Following this transaction, the Pro Sport’s employees who won’t agree to continue their work at the newspaper, will receive from Ringier a three months compensation in advance. Some rumors in the typography industry say that Ringier management has already noticed the printing houses in Timisoara and Cluj that the newspaper would no longer be printed in the certain locations.

At the time of its selling in 2002, Prosport was leader on the segment in terms of copies and audience, but Gazeta Sporturilor gained the first position, being run by one of the best journalists and press managers, Catalin Tolontan. Together with another well-known sports journalist, Ovidiu Ioanitoaia, has launched successfully daily sports newspaper prosport (in 1997), but after 6 months from the selling of the Media pro’s newspaper to Ringier, the whole team (108 people) has decided to leave the company and go to gazeta sporturilor [intact group] in order to make it number 1.
S1 2007:

Gazeta: 71.402
Prosport: 65.390

Prosport: 76.425
Gazeta: 73.423

Prosport: 67.063
Gazeta: 64.153

October 11, 2007

IMSG acquires balkans pr firm V+O Communication

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International Marketing & Sales Group Limited (AIM: IMSG)  announces the acquisition of V+O Communication, one of the leading Balkans business and marketing communication consultancies. In the year to 31 December, 2007, V+O’s turnover is expected to be about US$7.3m. IMSG has acquired the entire share capital of V+O for an anticipated maximum consideration of Euro10.75m. The exact amount of the purchase consideration, which will be paid in three tranches over the next 4 years, will be calculated by reference to the profitability of V+O over this period.

Established in 2000, V+O has grown rapidly and is today a leading agency in Greece and the Balkans. With offices in Athens/Greece, Sofia/Bulgaria and Bucharest/Romania and a team of 60 communication specialists. V+O’s clients include Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling, HP, Romtelecom and Cosmote/Romania.

IMSG also aquired this summer romanian advertising company Friends Advertising for 2,54 mil. euro — 70% of shares.

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