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March 7, 2008

Chief editor of Ringier romanian “Evenimentul Zilei” resigned

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Razvan Ionescu, editor-in-chief of one of the most important quality daily romanian newspapers “Evenimentul Zilei” resigned yesterday. He sent an e-mail to Ringier’s management in which he accused the fact that the management wasn’t enough involved in sustained the newspaper in the last years. He is leaving current position after more than 3 years and in his mandate EVZ was transformed in best designed Romanian newspaper but it lost premier position in quality segment on behalf of Jurnalul National [edited by romanian Intact Group owned by Voiculescu Family].  This leaving is one of last mouvements in Ringier Romanian division of reference newspapers [daily Evenimentul Zilei and business weekly Capital] after Iulia Dinu [head of Division] and Cristi Mihalache [head of advertising sales]. In Romania Ringier is most important publisher with tabloid Libertatea [leader of the market], quality Evenimentul and weekly Capital and also a division of magazines.

See below some fragments of Ionescu’s leaving email:
“I have presented Ringier’s management my resignation from the editor in chief position of Evz. I have informed Marius Hagger, the new general director of Ringier Romania. I truly regret that I have chosen this way of announcing you that in a short period of time I will be leaving Evz. All I have to say is that it has been a difficult decision to make.

I’m leaving Evz because this newspaper hasn’t evolved, commercially speaking, in the past years.  The distribution, marketing and sales strategies of this newspaper have never been accomplished (more…)


October 18, 2007

a romanian appointed COO for american media company CME

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The American company Central European Media Enterprises (CME) has announced the appointment of Adrian Sarbu as operational director (COO) of the entire group. This is the first major promotion of a Romanian executive in the management of a company that is listed on the international stock exchange market [Nasdaq/ US and presently is worth 3,5 billion dollars].

CME operates many TV stations in Central and East Europe – Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Ukraine. The group is owned by the Ronald Lauder. Last year, the company registered a total income of 603 million dollars and an operational profit (EBITDA) of 218 million dollars. During the last year, Adrian Sarbu has been coordinating directly the operations in Czech Republic and Slovakia, which have brought, according to the final statistics in 2006, 70% of the turn over and 85% of the operational income.

Sarbu says that he accepted this position due to the fact that he was bound to CME, both as manager and as partner. “In 1994, Ronald Lauder was the only man that helped me redefining PRO TV. Last year, when CME needed my experience as well as my time in order to bring the operations in Czech Republic and Slovakia at the Pro TV’s level of quality, I agreed to take this responsibility. Also, assuming the new position is first of all a moral duty to my partners”, stated Adrian Sarbu in a interview for Romanian news agency Mediafax [part of his media group Media Pro Group].

CME and the present general director (CEO) of the company, Michael Garin has encouraged the promoting of the regional managers, who were allowed over the years to manage the operations by their own rules. “During the four years of my running CME, the numbers of directors in Central and East Europe has increased to the top management level. The financial power of CME increased due to the fact that these managers have a great know-how of these countries and also great professional abilities. CME is different from the majority of the international television companies because all of our TV station directors are coming from the country in which we operate. This makes me really proud”, said Garin cited also by Mediafax.

In the press release of CME in which is announced the appointment of Adrian Sarbu, he stated: “I spent the last ten years in CME and I know from my own experience how talented our TV stations directors are. I am honored that I have the privilege of working with these people. The most important lesson that I have learnt during these years is that obtaining performance year by year is always acknowledged. CME and the local management teams will continue to focus on the increasing the profit and development of new opportunities in the markets where CME is presently operating and also beyond them”. (more…)

October 15, 2007

new heads for Ringier’s branches

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Béla Papp, formerly General Manager of Ringier Hungary, will be head of Business Development for Ringier Group starting on 1 November 2007. Attila Mihók, General Manager of Ringier Serbia, will succeed him as General Manager of Ringier Hungary. These appointments come only one month after Marius Hagger (Swiss, 44) was appointed as GM of Ringier Romania, replacing Alexander Theobald, who went back to Switzerland and who will be in charge for Romania and Hungary and Marco Stettler was named GM of Ringier Ukraine.

Attila Mihók will continue to head Ringier business in Serbia, for which he has been responsible since 1 January 2004. Mihók (31) studied informatics and business and started work at the daily newspaper Nemzeti Sport in 1997, which was acquired by Ringier in 1998. He was Ringier Hungary IT Director and online responsible [1999 –2001] and became publishing manager of the Sport Group, GM in Serbia in 2004, and he headed Ringier business in Ukraine from August 2006 until September 2007.

Béla Papp will deal with the development of new business fields and be directly responsible to Group Division Head of New Media, Thomas Trüb, member of the Ringier Group Executive Board. Papp (46) studied history and diplomacy at Georgetown University (USA) and worked for the Economist Group in Vienna [1987-1996/ editor-in-chief of the Business Central Europe Magazine], ABN Amro Bank as CEE Marketing and Communications Director [1996-1999] and head of Business Press at Sanoma in Budapest starting in 1999 and from 2002 at Ringier.

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