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April 23, 2008

A second daily free sheet in Bucharest

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RING is from monday on the market and is distributed in 50,000 copies in Bucharest [capital of Romania], through a street delivery network and waiting entrance of the subways. The newspaper has 16 pages full-color, compact format [290 x 400 mm]. It has a classic structure of a moderate tabloid: events, politics, social, services, show-biz, magazine, sports and special news. Sports and show-biz sections are the most substantial. Ring is edited by Confort Media SRL a company owned by two young romanian antreprenors and brothers [Robert and Ionut Negoita] with expertize in real estate business, hospitality [few hotels] and commercial operations [carpet retail] and this is their project to enter in the media business.

Ring’s editor in chief is Alexandru David, an ex editor of gossip weekly VIP, and he is running a team of 40 people: 28 on the editorial sector and 12 on the non-editorial activities. Advertising sales information is not yet known. On the web, the newspaper’s domain is supposed to be The investment in the media segment is was announced by owners at around 10 million euros in 2 years, and this move is first (more…)


March 7, 2008

Chief editor of Ringier romanian “Evenimentul Zilei” resigned

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Razvan Ionescu, editor-in-chief of one of the most important quality daily romanian newspapers “Evenimentul Zilei” resigned yesterday. He sent an e-mail to Ringier’s management in which he accused the fact that the management wasn’t enough involved in sustained the newspaper in the last years. He is leaving current position after more than 3 years and in his mandate EVZ was transformed in best designed Romanian newspaper but it lost premier position in quality segment on behalf of Jurnalul National [edited by romanian Intact Group owned by Voiculescu Family].  This leaving is one of last mouvements in Ringier Romanian division of reference newspapers [daily Evenimentul Zilei and business weekly Capital] after Iulia Dinu [head of Division] and Cristi Mihalache [head of advertising sales]. In Romania Ringier is most important publisher with tabloid Libertatea [leader of the market], quality Evenimentul and weekly Capital and also a division of magazines.

See below some fragments of Ionescu’s leaving email:
“I have presented Ringier’s management my resignation from the editor in chief position of Evz. I have informed Marius Hagger, the new general director of Ringier Romania. I truly regret that I have chosen this way of announcing you that in a short period of time I will be leaving Evz. All I have to say is that it has been a difficult decision to make.

I’m leaving Evz because this newspaper hasn’t evolved, commercially speaking, in the past years.  The distribution, marketing and sales strategies of this newspaper have never been accomplished (more…)

October 30, 2007

free business daily E 15 in Prague

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Mlada Fronta AS, a privately owned Czech publisher, said it will launch a free daily business newspaper in late November. E15 [“15 Minutes for Economy and Business”] will report on business, economy, politics, environment and life style, focusing on managers and staff of leading companies in Prague. the paper will be published five times a week with an initial circulation of 50,000 copies and with a similar concept of London’s City A.M . its editor-in-chief will be Tomas Skrivanek, former deputy editor-in-chief of the Euro business weekly. there are now three free daily papers available in Prague – Metro, Metropolitni Expres and 24 hodin. E15 may add pressure on the Hospodarske Noviny [partly owned by the publisher of german Handelsblatt], only czech business daily newspaper. [sources: Czech News Agency /Associated Press]

October 25, 2007

inform is entering like an expres train in romania

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the fourth edition of Romanian free daily Expres, was launched in Cluj, one of the biggest city in Romania. Inform Media printed the newspaper in 25 000 copies and the next week will reach 30,000 copies, and from November, to 35,000 copies, being distributed through paperboys and by boxes. Andrea Lukic, the publisher, says that the gradual circulation is necessary in order to establish the proper way of distributing the newspaper. Cluj Expres is the second free paper launched in 2007 (after Hunedoara Expres launched in september); the first titles were launched in 2005: Timis Expres (35,000 copies distributed in march 2007) and arad express (10,000 copies distributed in march 2007).

Inform Media, one of the most important romanian local media groups and part of the austrian group Vorarlberger Medienhaus, has announced few months ago the opening of a new printing house in Alba Iulia (after the one in Timisoara); their portfolio includes both free and paid newspapers. Inform has four newspapers in top 10 local paid newspaper, two of which are Magyar and is competing with germans form EMI/ArboMedia and local Publimedia [part of Media Pro Group]. the annual average sales of inform products are:
Adevarul Arad [23,266]/romanian language
Jurnal Bihorean  [13,293]/ romanian language
Bihari Naplo [12,906]/ hungarian language
Szatmari Fiss Usjag [10,404]/ hungarian language
Timpul [7,307] / romanian language
Cuvantul Liber [6,042]/ romanian language

October 24, 2007

ringier takes over czech newspaper Aha!

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One more movement after the one in Serbia from ringier who buys also the czech daily newspaper Aha! from Ebika and in the same time the whole editorial team, consolidating its position as leader on the dailies market in the country. Ringier also owns the most successfully sold daily in Czech Republic, Blesk, which has a sales average of 444,000 copies and an audience of 1,548,000 readers (2006) and the sports daily Sport with sales of 67,000 and audience of 297,000 readers (source: wan/world press trends). Aha was launched in October 2004 and has recorded average sales of 140,022 copies per edition in august 2007, due to a circulation of 211,477 and an audience of 347,000 readers.


October 17, 2007

new ringier tabloid in Serbia

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Ringier brings ALO!, a new daily newspaper on the market in Serbia. The new tabloid newspaper commences with 16 pages in 350x520mm format, a print run of 150,000 copies and appears monday to saturday. the first two editions will be distributed free, and from Wednesday 17 October for nine Serbian Dinars.

Ringier is also publishing the newspapers BLIC and the free sheet 24 SATA. there are not data about circulation but you can make an opinion regard serbian market after readership :

newspaper/ readership/ publisher
blic/ 650,000/ blic press [ringier]
vecernje novosti/ 636,000/ novosti ad
kurir/ 495,000/ kurir info
press/ 174,000/ npc international
politika/ 172,000/ politika ad [waz]
sportski zurnal/ 66,000/ politika ad [waz]
dnevnik/ 46,000/ dnevnik press [waz]
sport/ 40,000/ / novosti ad
glas/ 38,000/ kurir info

free daily: 24 sata /154,000

October 12, 2007

Ringier Romania is selling its daily sports newspaper

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The transaction through which the president of Media Pro Group will regain the daily sports newspaper Pro Sport, is awaiting for the Competition Council approval, writes one of the romanian financial newspaper, Business Standard. The transaction value is worth EUR 8,3 million with VAT included. Although at the time of Pro Sport’s selling [2002], its first owner, Sarbu signed a contract which stipulated that he didn’t have the right to launch or to buy, for 5 years, any other daily newspaper, interdiction that had as deadline, February 2008, it can be violated thanks to the fact that the transaction involves the same companies, Media Pro and Ringier. The transaction takes places at 5 years since Sarbu has sold the same newspaper to the Ringier Romania for 6,5 million $, without VAT (7,7 million $ with VAT included// 8,1 million euros)

Adrian Sarbu, the MediaPro’s boss has studied the possibility of launching or buying a sports newspaper even since march, this year, but the opportunity became real when Central European Media Enterprises (CME) took over the television channel A positive fact of this transaction is that it will make easier the access of Media Pro to the copyrights of the national football team games, starting 2008.

According to certain sources in the publishing industry, 2007 is the first year when ProSport doesn’t have any financial losses, the incomes from advertising space in 2007 being exceeded by 30%. The daily newspaper will be purchased by Sarbu through his company, Publimedia, which is owned by him integrally, whithout the American partner CME who is the main shareholder in other companies run by Sarbu on the audio-video segment.

Following this transaction, the Pro Sport’s employees who won’t agree to continue their work at the newspaper, will receive from Ringier a three months compensation in advance. Some rumors in the typography industry say that Ringier management has already noticed the printing houses in Timisoara and Cluj that the newspaper would no longer be printed in the certain locations.

At the time of its selling in 2002, Prosport was leader on the segment in terms of copies and audience, but Gazeta Sporturilor gained the first position, being run by one of the best journalists and press managers, Catalin Tolontan. Together with another well-known sports journalist, Ovidiu Ioanitoaia, has launched successfully daily sports newspaper prosport (in 1997), but after 6 months from the selling of the Media pro’s newspaper to Ringier, the whole team (108 people) has decided to leave the company and go to gazeta sporturilor [intact group] in order to make it number 1.
S1 2007:

Gazeta: 71.402
Prosport: 65.390

Prosport: 76.425
Gazeta: 73.423

Prosport: 67.063
Gazeta: 64.153

October 9, 2007

a “Times” for the Poles

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the Polskapresse publishing house will launch these days a national daily newspaper in Poland, within a brand and editorial partnership with british newspaper The Times. Polskapresse is the third player on the polish publishing market, after Axel Springer and Agora, in number of sold copies, and the most important publisher on the regional press, being owned by the german Verlagsgruppe Passau.

this movement is quite notable for this market that recently was considered very still until the breakthrough of Axel Springer on the dailies market, with Fakt tabloid [launched in 2003], which managed to depose Gazeta Wyborcza quality (of Agora) and also to have a negative impact on the local dailies’ sales. moreover Verlagsgruppe doesn’t own a national daily in any country when they have operations in present (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia). Agora tried to strike back with Nowy Dzien mid-market daily (launched on 14th of November 2005), but it was closed after three months (23rd of February 2006). There was also a “war” of costs between axel and agora, which resulted in the leaving of Agora’s board of directors’ president, who ran the business from the beginning. [on the same story: sfnblog]

Polskapresse: the weekly sales data of their eight regional dailies reach 2,8 million copies and the sales data of the three TV supplements, to 2 million copies (they also own four weekly publications of free of charge advertisements, a free of charge daily newspaper, few websites and six printing houses)

Polskapresse products sales [may 2007]:
Title: Print Run / Sales
Dziennik Zachodni: 113,072 /86,170
Express Ilustrowany: 63,988/ 51,459
Dziennik Bałtycki: 64,594/50,174
Dziennik Polski: 73,045/49,306
Dziennik Łódzki: 63,543/49,017
Gazeta Wrocławska [SP]: 54,542/34,281
Gazeta Krakowska: 42,820/28,103

top polish newspapers sales [may 2007]:

Title/Owner/ Print Run/ Sales
Fakt/Axel Springer: 678,534/ 502,522
Gazeta Wyborcza/Agora: 592,099/ 423,368
Dziennik/Axel Springer: 308,418/ 187,391
Super Express/Media Express: 313,883/ 182,707
Rzeczpospolita/Prespublica [Orkla/Mecom]: 220,616/ 143,490
Dziennik Zachodni/Polska Presse: 113,072/ 86,170
Gazeta Pomorska/Media Regionalne: 98,489/ 85,399
Gazeta Prawna/ Infor: 116,695/ 74,894
Przegląd Sportowy/ Axel Springer 112,063/65,174

Axel Springer keeps on buying in Poland

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the german publishing trust Axel Springer is running at this moment the polish daily newspapers market. After buying the “Fakt” tabloid and the “Dziennik” quality, the german Axel makes an exchange with the swedish Marquard Media and gains also a daily sports newspaper (Przeglas sportowy). therefore, the success that the swiss Ringier obtained on the romanian publishing market with dailies Libertatea [tabloid] and Evenimentul Zilei [quality] and sports newspaper Prosport, is also made possible by Axel Springer in Poland.

these are sales figures of the polish dailies market [march 2007, source IF ABC Poland/ZKPD/ with red as products]

Fakt/  543,934
Gazeta Wyborcza/ 464,530
Dziennik/ 211,034
Super Express/ 200,146
Rzeczpospolita/ 146,583
Dziennik Zachodni/ 97,610
Gazeta Pomorska/ 88,674
Gazeta Prawna/ 72,828
Przegląd Sportowy/ 68,120
Express Ilustrowany/ 55,773

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