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April 23, 2008

A second daily free sheet in Bucharest

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RING is from monday on the market and is distributed in 50,000 copies in Bucharest [capital of Romania], through a street delivery network and waiting entrance of the subways. The newspaper has 16 pages full-color, compact format [290 x 400 mm]. It has a classic structure of a moderate tabloid: events, politics, social, services, show-biz, magazine, sports and special news. Sports and show-biz sections are the most substantial. Ring is edited by Confort Media SRL a company owned by two young romanian antreprenors and brothers [Robert and Ionut Negoita] with expertize in real estate business, hospitality [few hotels] and commercial operations [carpet retail] and this is their project to enter in the media business.

Ring’s editor in chief is Alexandru David, an ex editor of gossip weekly VIP, and he is running a team of 40 people: 28 on the editorial sector and 12 on the non-editorial activities. Advertising sales information is not yet known. On the web, the newspaper’s domain is supposed to be The investment in the media segment is was announced by owners at around 10 million euros in 2 years, and this move is first from intention to build a media trust with a radio and a TV station. In Bucharest, Ring has as competitors Compact free daily [Ringier], which was launched in 2006 and has a circulation of 158,000 copies from an average of 148,000 and with Curentul [national distribution, including press stands, with an average circulation of 100,000]. On the free daily newspaper segment there is also regional Express network [Inform Media/ Austria]: Timis, Arad, Hunedoara, Cluj.


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  1. […] In Bucharest, also free daily Compact (Ringier) is published since 2006 while Curentul has a more national distribution. Inform Media publishes free daily Expres in Timis, Arad, Hunedoara and Cluj. (Media Details) […]

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