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October 16, 2007

The first independent figures of romanian sites after two months of monitoring

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The media audit system BRAT has made official on monday the first figures of the Audience and Internet Traffic Survey for a number of 146 Romanian web sites, after two months during which the data were monitored by the new system.

The daily average of online single visitors in Romania according to the new system of monitoring from Brat is about 32% lower than the one monitored by competitor, according to the first survey released and cited by The first ten most visited web sites  from 146 web sites monitored by Brat have recorded a daily average of 28.074 single clients in September. In Brat’s opinion, the single clients represents the number of computers from which a certain web page is visited in a certain period of time. The similar tool used by is “absolute single visitor”. According to a single visitor is monitored one time, despite the number of its visits in a certain period of time.

“Presently we have 190 web sites monitored by Brat, but for 40 of them we shall make official their traffic data further, after they reach two months of monitoring according to our system”, declared for Arina Ureche, General Director BRAT. She also said that, starting April-May 2008 there will be available, along traffic data, also some demographic information of the web sites.”This is based on an offline survey which will offer information about the structure and the number of the online users in Romania and also on an online survey on a representative pattern of the online users in our country and on the traffic data monitored by the SATI system”.

Brat’s representatives expect that, in the same time with the first figures published, the numbers of publishers who will register their web sites in SATI system should increase to over 40 web sites in the next two months. “All the major media trusts and almost all the important online publishers have already registered their web sites in our survey and we expect that from the moment of the first figures published on Monday, the numer of those who choose BRAT as their audit system to increase”, stated Ureche.
“On BRAT’s web page there are made official only the number of clicks, single visits and single clients. Any client of Brat is allowed to see other information regarding its web sites including figures of other web sites”, added Ureche. BRAT [Romanian Circulation Audit Bureau] is a non-profit association of publishers, advertising agencies and advertising clients. Presently, Brat has over 230 members and delivers to the advertising industry the information necessary in the process of buying advertising space in the press segment and, through SATI system, on the internet.


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