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October 9, 2007

a “Times” for the Poles

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the Polskapresse publishing house will launch these days a national daily newspaper in Poland, within a brand and editorial partnership with british newspaper The Times. Polskapresse is the third player on the polish publishing market, after Axel Springer and Agora, in number of sold copies, and the most important publisher on the regional press, being owned by the german Verlagsgruppe Passau.

this movement is quite notable for this market that recently was considered very still until the breakthrough of Axel Springer on the dailies market, with Fakt tabloid [launched in 2003], which managed to depose Gazeta Wyborcza quality (of Agora) and also to have a negative impact on the local dailies’ sales. moreover Verlagsgruppe doesn’t own a national daily in any country when they have operations in present (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia). Agora tried to strike back with Nowy Dzien mid-market daily (launched on 14th of November 2005), but it was closed after three months (23rd of February 2006). There was also a “war” of costs between axel and agora, which resulted in the leaving of Agora’s board of directors’ president, who ran the business from the beginning. [on the same story: sfnblog]

Polskapresse: the weekly sales data of their eight regional dailies reach 2,8 million copies and the sales data of the three TV supplements, to 2 million copies (they also own four weekly publications of free of charge advertisements, a free of charge daily newspaper, few websites and six printing houses)

Polskapresse products sales [may 2007]:
Title: Print Run / Sales
Dziennik Zachodni: 113,072 /86,170
Express Ilustrowany: 63,988/ 51,459
Dziennik Bałtycki: 64,594/50,174
Dziennik Polski: 73,045/49,306
Dziennik Łódzki: 63,543/49,017
Gazeta Wrocławska [SP]: 54,542/34,281
Gazeta Krakowska: 42,820/28,103

top polish newspapers sales [may 2007]:

Title/Owner/ Print Run/ Sales
Fakt/Axel Springer: 678,534/ 502,522
Gazeta Wyborcza/Agora: 592,099/ 423,368
Dziennik/Axel Springer: 308,418/ 187,391
Super Express/Media Express: 313,883/ 182,707
Rzeczpospolita/Prespublica [Orkla/Mecom]: 220,616/ 143,490
Dziennik Zachodni/Polska Presse: 113,072/ 86,170
Gazeta Pomorska/Media Regionalne: 98,489/ 85,399
Gazeta Prawna/ Infor: 116,695/ 74,894
Przegląd Sportowy/ Axel Springer 112,063/65,174


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